Top Ten Ways to Get a Great Fantasy Football Team

Fantasy Football is a huge spectacle online. Millions of people from around the world log on to manage their teams nearly every day. There are some rather simple tips that you can implement into your strategy that will allow for you to quickly enjoy having a very successful team. Check out these top ten tips and learn how the pros manage their teams and win…year in and year out…

1. Learn the language and terms: make sure that you are in the know about all of the terms that are associated with fantasy football. You can find great resources – most of them free – online.

2. Draft properly: make sure that you research all rookies that you are going to draft. Check out their college stats, and assure that they are not injury prone. By drafting properly, you can get the best lineup for your team.

3. Avoid Ghost Shipping and Stagnant Players: if you are hosting a league, immediately ban stagnant players – also known as ghost ships – who will clutter up your league and deter other players from joining.

4. Always research players: make sure you are in the know of what players are hot this year, and which ones are on their way towards retirement or release. Avoid signing bad players, and really beef up your team.

5. Know about the team schedules: each team has a bye week during the NFL season. Make certain you know when your bye week comes for key players, so you can sub them out as needed.

6. Research your draft picks each season: paying close attention to the draft, and which players you can get your hands on is half the game.

7. Running backs are everything: more running backs equal more points, period. Beef up your running back core so you have several well versed players that can carry the ball.

8. Mobile quarterbacks make a difference: the more mobile your quarterback is, the more running yards you will accumulate and the more touchdowns you will get.

9. Great specials teams do wonders: always try and get your hands on a few key special teams players, namely receivers.

10. Continue your education weekly: need more free fantasy football advice? You can easily find it everywhere online. Subscribed to a few magazines as well, and make sure that you keep up on your reading.

By following and adhering to these simple top ten tips on how to get a great fantasy football team, you can find yourself in the winning lineup at the end of each season. Many people overlook these common tips, which are rather easy to implement. By doing so, they find themselves in the bottom of the fantasy football bracket year after year. Easily avoid this by following the aforementioned tips, and win more seasons more often.

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