Making Transfers in the Fantasy Premier League

Part of the attraction of the Fantasy Premier League competition is the opportunity to mould and adapt your team over the course of the season. Managers are able to change their team as much as they like to take advantage of players that are in form and favourable runs of fixtures. This is a skill that all premier league fantasy managers must have if they wish to succeed against their friends or strangers.

Every game week, you receive one free transfer and if you choose not to use it, the transfer is rolled over to the following game week. However, only one transfer can be carried over and therefore in any one game week you will only receive two free transfers. Although, this does not mean you are limited to two transfers. Every additional transfer made on top of your free ones will cost your team 4 points, the equivalent of a goal or a clean sheet.

Taking this cost into consideration, it can sometimes be beneficial to bring in additional players if you believe that you can make up the points in the upcoming Fantasy Premier League game week or in the subsequent matches. It comes down to calculating the risk of the additional transfer and deciding whether it is worth the initial outlay of 4 points. However, it is important to not get carried away with transfers and to remember that you are sacrificing points that you have already earned from previous weeks.

During the season, there will be periods where certain teams are performing better than others. This can be contributed to a range of factors including favourable fixtures, high confidence levels and not suffering from injuries. Analysing upcoming fixtures is very important for fantasy football managers who want to stay one step ahead. Planning and preparing for strong fixtures allows you to bring in certain players who may score highly over the coming weeks.

Confidence is incredibly important for every sport and it allows players to perform to their highest ability. At times during a season, players may develop confidence from strong performances and winning streaks. It’s important to look out for these signs and to bring confident players who are in form into your premier league fantasy squad.

Whilst playing the Fantasy Premier League, it is inevitable that your squad will experience injuries. When this happens, you should consider transferring them out unless it is a short-term injury and you have other players to cover. With managers now choosing to rotate teams more, you may experience players who are rested and this is when the players on your bench are substituted in. Having injured players on your bench provides no help to your fantasy football score and it is sometimes beneficial to transfer these players out for this very reason.

The skill of adapting your team over the course of the season is one that every premier league fantasy manager should strive for. Don’t be afraid to mix things up if your team is not performing and it is the ability to make transfers that keeps the game fresh. It also gives those who are struggling the opportunity to shake up their teams with the aim of catching up friends in mini-leagues

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